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MPRS-Paranormal Investigators in Chattanooga

MPRS-Paranormal Investigators in Chattanooga

We are paranormal investigators in Chattanooga, TN and provide free and confidential services to the surrounding areas. 


We are paranormal investigators in Chattanooga, TN and provide free and confidential services to the surrounding areas. 

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Reopening June 1st, 2020 with restrictions

**Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, MPRS has suspended all activities. We are not available for investigations at this time, as our primary purpose has always been to help people above all else. We will not put your family in danger by unknowingly bringing in sickness or death. We are always available for phone/email consult and apologize for any hardship this may cause. Please stay safe, stay home.**

MPRS team has over 70 years of combined experience in the paranormal field. Samantha, the teams Lead Investigator and Founder, founded MPRS in September 2011. The group has been on over 65 investigations, including public locations and private homes. We are a scientific based investigative group that focuses on helping those in need by helping them diagnose their problems, be they paranormal or explainable by other means. We do not offer any removal nor cleansing services, but will assist in finding the proper person(s) to do so should the need arise. We pledge to stay with each of our clients throughout the process of removals and/or cleansings, but we also offer our expertise in counseling those experiencing a haunting through their individual circumstances. We pledge never to walk out on a client. MPRS is here to help. 

 All of our services are free of charge, and our clients confidentiality is paramount. We are located in the Chattanooga, TN area and service the surrounding areas, including North Georgia.



We have investigated many types of paranormal activity including intelligent and residual hauntings, elemental hauntings, poltergeist and demonic hauntings. 



MPRS is proud to have worked with the Chickamauga City School Board on multiple occasions. We have investigated Mansfield Reformatory, Hales Bar Dam, Sedamsville Rectory, Octagon Hall and Old South Pittsburg Hospital as well as many local private homes. We are also proud to be part of the official Ghost Adventures Crew!


COVID-19 Policies:


  • Masks and disposable gloves worn at all times in clients home, no exceptions
  • Masks worn at all other locations, gloves voluntary unless requested by clients or lead investigator
  • Minimum sized group in clients homes, limited at all other locations per lead investigator or clients request
  • Temperature checks prior to investigations, anyone with a fever or any COVID-19 systems can not attend MPRS investigations or other activities
  • Group meetings will be held virtually
  • MPRS will be prioritizing cases based on severity


  • Interviews will be conducted by phone and/or computer, Clients will be responsible for either video chatting with one of us or providing us with a video of their homes layout
  • We will limit client involvement to no more then 2 adults that live in the home. This is non-negotiable
  • Clients must ware a mask in our presence while inside the structure at all times. This is non-negotiable
  • All children and animals must be removed from the property prior to our arrival
  • The property must be sanitary upon our arrival and we ask that all clients sanitize all doorknobs, light switches, 1 bathroom and other general surfaces prior to our arrival
  • In the event that anyone that lives at the property, or that has recently visited, has COVID-19 it is the clients responsibility to report this to us so that we can reschedule accordingly 
  • While we will be taking all the necessary precautions, the client will be agreeing to the fact that we can not guarantee that our presence in their location will not transmit the virus 
  • Clients can choose the duration of our investigation, starting at 2 hours. NOTE: A 2 hour investigation will include limited investigators and only basic handheld equipment as it does not allow time for stationary equipment placement. This investigation will potentially only offer evidence of paranormal activity, not the who, what or why of it
  • We ask that clients that are "just curious" put off investigation requests unless activity turns intimidating or threatening 

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