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Types of Hauntings:


1. Residual Hauntings: These types of hauntings are more of a recording or imprint in time from a highly emotional event and/or repetitive event from the past that repeats itself over and over. Examples of these could be hearing a woman screaming in childbirth where a child was stillborn or hearing someone walk up your stairs every night at 2:00 am. With these there are no actual entities present to interact with, they are not actually there, just think of it as a tape playing itself out over and over. 

2. Intelligent Hauntings: These are exactly what they sound like, you are dealing with an intelligent entity that can interact with you. This is what we typically think of when we think of the term “ghost,” they were once human like you or I and have passed on. Just as the living variety of humans come in all kinds, so do the ghost variety. You may be dealing with a sweet old lady that just wants to let her granddaughter know she loves her, or you may be dealing with a serial killer with nefarious intentions…to everything in between. This is the most common type of haunting we encounter. 

3. Elemental Hauntings: These types of hauntings are typically encountered out in nature, as they are tied to the elements of earth, water, air and fire. They were never human like you or I, and they generally want nothing to do with us… if we stay out of their way. Generally, when they do interact with humans, it’s not exactly with a negative intent, its more of an indifference. 

4. Poltergeist Hauntings: Probably one of the most misdiagnosed hauntings out there, as well one of the most disagreed on in the field of paranormal research. As a scientific investigative team, MPRS refers to the studies done by parapsychologists such as Dr. William Roll to explain the phenomenon. In German, “poltergeist” means “noisy ghost” but in fact a poltergeist is not actually a ghost at all. A poltergeist comes from a living person, or agent. Typically, this can be seen manifesting from children going through puberty, but it can and does happen with adults as well. Most commonly the agent will present with a trouble and/or traumatic past that is not being dealt with in a healthy manner, as well as sometimes, but not always, a co-existing brain disorder such as epilepsy. They also tend to have some form of latent psychic abilities as well that are generally not developed. The agent is not aware that they are the one causing the activity, and when the activity turns physical, it is usually the agent that is getting scratched, bit, etc. Common poltergeist activity includes things such as stacking of items, movement of items, fires of unknown origin, doors slamming, items being thrown, etc. For a more detailed explanation of the poltergeist phenomenon please refer to Dr. William Roll’s work. Note: Occasionally investigators will refer to the movement of items in general as poltergeist type activity, this is not the same as a poltergeist. 

5. Demonic Hauntings: By far one of the most dangerous types of hauntings, but also one of the most misunderstood as well. In the paranormal field we over simplify this type of haunting by calling it demonic, a more appropriate name is a Non-human Malicious Hauntings. Just as the name says, these entities were never human like you or I, and their intent is malicious. It’s much easier to simply say demonic entity, though we must be careful not to assume that these entities are all Christian demons working on behalf of Satan. Demonic entities can come from any religion, any nation/nationality, any culture, any belief system. These entities are masters of deception, which in many cases is how they get invited into peoples lives and homes. They are attracted to anything negative, such as severe depression/mental illness, alcohol and drug addiction, etc.  In general, they seek out weaknesses to exploit, but that’s not always the case. Typically, demonic hauntings follow a pretty set out pattern: 

a. Invitation: This is their way in, yes, they need an invitation, but probably not what you’re thinking of. Some people that seek out demonic entities by summoning them through rituals and such are making a direct invitation, but most are more subtle. Sometimes simply by messing around in the occult (ie: Ouija Boards) can constitute an invitation, other times multiple suicide attempts and the negativity that can surround that can be an invitation. Still sometimes these entities must be craftier, they will approach the most vulnerable member of the household, child or elderly individual usually, either as a child or as a loved one that has passed on. They will do so until they become more accepted by the individual, then things start to change. The thing that many people report about these “child” or “loved ones” entities is that they either don’t have eyes or their eye glow white/green/red. Apparently the eyes really are the window to the soul. 

b. Manifestation: This can seem very similar to a haunting by an intelligent human entity on the surface. This is when doors open and close, electrical issues happen, shadows are seen, perhaps an apparition or two. Overall very similar, it’s the intensity that’s different. It takes a lot of energy for a human entity to move an object, speak, or show themselves, while demonic entities are much stronger. As this phase moves on the activity also becomes more violent in intent.


c. Oppression: By this point, everyone in the house is probably sleeping together in one room and doesn’t go anywhere alone. This phase is full of nightmares, physical attacks, even sexual attacks in some cases. This is commonly where homeowners will start to exhibit extreme mood changes, especially of the negative variety. The entire point of all of this is to wear the human/humans down to the point where they are either too weak to fight anymore or they just give in to the entity, or entities. 

d. Possession: Exactly what it sounds like, unfortunately. Demonic entities can possess a human, but they can also possess objects, land, and homes. For this purpose, we’ll stick to the person. Once the entity has its foothold into someone, its goal is for them to die, even better if they can bring someone else with them. Once this point is reached, religion is the recommended source for help. 

e. Death: The entities ultimate goal.

Paranormal Dictionary:


Anomaly – anything that is unexplainable, unexpected and unusual that is not necessarily paranormal in nature. Common examples are knocks, bangs and light anomalies. 

Apport – the movement of an object from one location to another. An example of this would be when you set your car key down on the kitchen counter, only to look back a few seconds later to find them gone. They then reappear in your bathtub.


Doppelganger – German for “double-walker,” a doppelganger is a negative entity that will appear as someone, as their double. The lore states that if you see someone’s doppelganger it’s an omen of bad luck, but if you see your own doppelganger it’s an omen of your own death. This is a relatively common reported phenomenon, especially in more negative type hauntings. 

DVP/DV (Direct/Disembodied Voice Phenomenon) – this is when a voice is heard at the time, with no physical source. These can be caught on audio recordings, but because they were heard at the time they are known as disembodied voices, not EVPs. 

EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency/Field) – this is the energy given off by common household appliances, powerlines, unshielded wiring and even natural EMF from the earth. Since it’s a commonly held belief in the field that spirits are energy and need energy to manifest, investigators look for EMF that can’t be traced back to an explainable source. 

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) – voices that can be heard on audio recordings that are not heard at the time the recording was made. Also called spirit voices. 

Full Spectrum – includes all three spectrums of light, ultraviolet, visual and infrared. This is a popular type of video and photographic method of investigative methodology. 

Incubus – a demonic entity that sexually assaults women.

ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) – technically refers to any device used to communicate with the other side. Today this term is commonly used to refer to device used to conduct real time communication, examples are the SB7 Spirit Box, Ovilus, Paranormal Puck2, The Portal, etc.


Matrixing – (aka Pareidolia) human’s natural need to make sense out of complex visual and auditory phenomenon. A common example is seeing images in the clouds, in the paranormal it can be seeing faces in alleged orbs. 

Succubus – a demonic entity that sexually assaults men. 

Vortex – a doorway/portal for spirts to move from their world to ours. 

*More coming soon!*